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Friday, April 1, 2011

Desperate Chefs' Wives on NBC this Fall

I've always wanted this blog to be turned into a show or best selling novel, but today gave me a heart attack. This afternoon, APRIL FIRST, Erik told me about an article he saw on Eater. "Desperate Chefs' Wives" the TV show with super famous chefs' wives such as Mrs. Colicchio, Mrs. Andres, and Mrs. Bourdain.  I got nervous right away. How could they use my name? MY NAME?? At first I thought Erik was playing a cruel trick on me, but after I saw the post for myself, i went into panic mode. And all for nothing. 

THIS horrible joke-story which was meant to fool all the foodies of the interwebs fooled me, THE desperate Chef's Wife, the most. I went as far as calling my step dad to get the number of his lawyer. (He was one in litigation with Usher over his record label name) Ok, Jose Andres, you got me. I guess I should have noticed the tag line that read, "april fool's" or the fact that Conan O'Brien's wife was going to be on the show, too. 

Anyone else get it good today?? 

Food is Love, 


Mommy 2.0 said...

No way! I have to confess to you right now that I found YOUR blog today because I saw something about the supposed show on Twitter, I googled it and got your blog in the results (which I'm so happy for, by the way) It never occurred to me that it was a joke. I was trying to find it so I could convince them to use everyday chef's wives instead of celebrities'. so yup, they got me too!

Hilary Battes said...

Hey Mommy,
Well I have been approached several times for a show about chefs wives, but nothing has been developed yet. I wouldn't let them follow me around. I don't turn over enough tables to seem interesting.

Tiger Lily said...

Great joke huh!? Thank God! Or more stupid people would think being chef wife is oh so glam! Not!
I saw it coming a few weeks back, all those wives (ripert, joses, trotter) we together in Mexico and posed for pic at bar...that was caption! Awful! Hardly an accurate description of the real wives...since they are rich and those guys are on there 2nd, some 3rd wives, and other gave girlfriends!!
Hilary, I still think you should look into coining your DCW name!! Just in case Bravo gets any ideas!!

Karol said...

That was cruel, uffff. Jajaja ok, now I'm relax!!!

Anonymous said...

I SAW THIS !!! On twitter. Immediately i thought of you and thought "OMG they are ripping her off!!" but also realized it was April Fools' and it sounded like a joke. But I totally 100% agree with your Step dad, to copywrite it or something. But I am sure hits on your website sky rocketed that day! Good for you!! haha!! And really, it scares me that they could make a show like that on Bravo. I have to agree with Tiger Lily!!! Please don't glamorize it!! (NBC not you.) haha. Keep up the good work!

Kerilyn said...

Won't lie... I was totally thrown off as well when I saw that there was a TV show in the works. Partially because after reading about them getting drunk, botox,etc... I thought.. "Well that may be a minority of chefs wives.. but that's not the majority of us". And thought it "brought down" the message that we are trying to get out there..

So Thank Goodness that it was a joke. (For now)

kerilyn said...

I trademarked the logo for Married to a Chef (It took 8 months and a couple hundred dollars) because of this EXACT thing.. I highly recommend protecting your intellectual property. I'm here if you need help!

kerilyn said...

Another tip... set up a Twitter acct. just to hold the DCW place. (I lost MarriedtoaChef to someone who had it before so my twitter is now @married2achef which makes me a little pissed) If you're interested in really protecting your idea... gotta think other avenues.

Do you have a Facebook fan page? If not, you should set that up.

Again, I'm here if you want imput.

Hilary Battes said...

Thanks for the tips, Kerilyn. I don't have a facebook page because I wanted to keep my facebook life separate from my DCW life. But do you think I need one? I'm a bit too shy to have a 'fan' page, too. I don't use twitter, but do you still think I should at least get a placeholder for my name? My mother-in-law made the logos. Maybe we can email and I'll get some more information from you. Thanks again, Kerilyn!

Allie said...

this would be an awesome show!!! its a tough life being a gf of even a line cook let alone a chef.