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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't Hate the Player

As the outdated saying goes, "don't hate the player, hate the game". So should we be upset with our husbands for their personalities that drive them to be hard working night owls or hate the profession itself? It's really pretty obvious, we love our husbands or else we have walked a while ago. But in the heat of the moment who gets yelled at? Although I've cursed the industry from time to time, it just doesn't have the same effect as riling up my husband. Just something to think about.

Food is Love,


Tiger Lily said...

Hang in there! When the first baby comes it's tough...everything changes and you go from loving the business your husband is in (in my case we were both in) to having your child and your family be more important. Its a good thing...but so very hard to be alone with baby all the time and realize your son will wake up when he's 3 and prefer you, because he hasn't spend the same time with your husband as he's spent with you. My older son cried and cried when he was 2ish, when I would go out for some alone time and leave him with my husband.
Your life has changed and will never be the same...in so many ways. And maybe you thought because of years spent together you and husband would have all the kinks worked out and having a baby wouldn't be so hard...but trust me, a little time and all will be well. Hang in there. My husband climbed the ladder working so hard and yes, put in so many hours, but now (even if he's opening new place) sets his hours, comes home for dinner, meets me at school for meetings, comes to boys parties and events...Funny I remember those lonely days with a baby so vividly and yet it's one of those times, once your kids are older with school and a whole new set of challenges, that you want back and wish that you current life was that easy!
You're doing great, I know it! Hang in there!

Chefwife Sarah said...

I agree...."Becoming a mom" (ie...first kid) is the hardest part. Realizing the fact that no one cares if you've slept or not, is so much harder the initial time.

Easy, peasy the second kid. You've already done the hard part.

They may be able to cook good, but not so much if you weren't behind them.

Anonymous said...

'I Hate the Game!' well for this week anyway, I am sure that by next week all will be rosy again.

I have been with my Chef for 10 years and we have a 6 year old daughter.

I have only just found this website and find it, if not refreshing, comforting that there are so many of you that feel exactly the same way.