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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vote for Maverik!

I promise not to flood this blog with my baby's pictures, but just this once...I need your help!

I entered this picture of Maverik in a photo contest and it ends tomorrow. There are over 1500 entries and Maverik debuted at number 6! But over the week he's dropped a bit. Please vote for him on any and all computers you can get ahold of!

Here is the link: Maverik!

By the way, the prize is $250-not bad, right? Remember, the voting ends tomorrow!

Thanks in advance!

Food is Love,


1 comment:

ch said...

Maverik is soooo adorable. Sorry that I missed the voting. It's your blog(you should post what makes you happy) I would love to see more pictures of your little sweetie.