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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living in a Laboratory

From my friend, BK:

The chef and I moved into Brooklyn for more space. We knew this would be an easy task considering our first apartment was no larger than a furniture display at IKEA. Before moving, I dreamed of small dinner parties at an actual kitchen table and room on the counter top for things like a coffee maker.
I know, I know it’s the little things that make me happy….

The chef, however, had different plans. Room for the chef meant he could start a new food inspired hobby. I now live in a beta test kitchen for the chef’s microbrewery. My quirky yet adorable apartment smells like an unclean sports bar after a Big Ten football game. I spend my mornings tiptoeing around copper coils, bags of grain and carboys.

This might not be a problem for most people, but I am not graceful. I am not the girl that glides beautifully across the room. I am a100 pound bull in a china shop, smacking into everything on the floor.

Typically, I am overwhelmed by the chef’s enthusiasm for his career and his activities. Most of the time, I am a pretty awesome wife. However, the laboratory he has created now dominates my once clean kitchen. I love beer as much as the chef does but It’s difficult to throw a dinner party when the IPA is fermenting on the table. The process ends up looking like a dirty snow globe….exactly. Try and picture that.

Is it too much to ask for certain chef hobbies to be left at work? Do most chefs test their skills in their personal space? I need to know if this behavior is normal because I am about a 12oz. bottle of beer away from losing. my. mind.


DCW Jes said...

Hello BK!! Welcome! I am on my way (2 days away) from being a "real" chef's wife. I really can't say that my chef has science experiments here at home. I think that falls into my catergory. See, I am a culinary student also! haha. sorry, it makes me laugh. Everyone always asks "sooo, does that mean you guys make amazing food all the time at home?" or my favorite was "that is so unfair, all that talent in one home!" I try to keep my science experiments confined to one day things and try not to make too much of a mess. yes, i have a ton of dishes from making my very first batch of cream cheese mints (for my own wedding) but, i try to keep my messes to just dishes and delicious sweets! that may change when my future in-laws get here with (my) our wedding present....a kitchenaid stand mixer :) But to answer one of the other questions, its not too much to ask that he keep it confined to work...we are waiting for a house with a garage or a workroom area for the chef to brew beer or root beer at home.

ch said...

As a chef's wife of almost 15 years, my husband is not home enough to take over any part of the house. For a while last year when he was laid off, he was perfecting his bagel recipe (as we were trying to open a bagel shop) I made a corner of my kitchen the bagel corner by putting all of the supplies in a big wicker basket. The down side to all the delicious bagels that he made was that I was the taste tester and gained about 5-7 lbs!
Good luck with the brewery but watch out for the beer belly:)haha

BK said...

Hi Ladies!
Thanks for the words of encouragement. The beer belly is a serious fear of mine Cindy ;) but I can't seem to say no. Its like drinking a meal after you already have dinner - ugh!
DCW Jess, first - do you mean a floor stand mixer? Good Lord lady, you must live in a mansion ;) haha! I have to say that sounds awesome though - great gift for sure. Congratulations on the wedding! Hope it's wonderful - now, when does graduation happen?

DCW Jes said...

no no no! not a floor stand mixer. i finally got it...its huge for my tiny kitchen, we live in a 1 bedroom apartment. its a kitchenaid professional 600 6-quart stand mixer. the thing is huge!! and my husband made bread, he wanted to be the first to break it in. graduation doesnt happen until at least next year or so.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand!

My husband's newest interest is charcuterie. Do you have any idea how disgusting it is to clean raw, slimy meat from the inside of a pastry bag and other small objects?? I'll spend an hour cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen after a batch of hot dogs.

But, they are so good! :-)

BK said...

DCW Jes - That sounds awesome. A professional 6 qt is going to provide hours of fun! Very Jealous.

Anon - OH charcuterie! Yes, I feel you on that one. We've made sausage before - grinding and all. It's like playing with adult play doh :)

SarahT said...

My husband delved into brewing a few years, and states ago. In Utah. Lucky for me we then went to Tx and then NC....not the best climate, except for a few months out of the year. So now, right along with the horribly annoying basketball season with the DAM* squeaky shoes all the time, comes the brewing.....And the dirty kitchen

BK said...

Hi Sarah T!
Basketball and brewing...you are one awesome wife! I don't know if I could handle both at the same time :)