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Friday, October 2, 2009

Guest Blogger

I was honored to be asked by ChefWidow to guest blog on her site while she was at Disney with her family. I wrote about the fears I have of becoming a mother and all that comes with it. Check it out.
An except:
"Maybe I’m just a 26-year-old, scared-as-hell, soon-to-be mom with an individuality complex? Perhaps it’s selfishness. I do expect to be giving up my weekly dinner dates in New York with my husband-but only if I can trade them in for Sunday family meals. "

Also, check out the other guest bloggers who rocked the blog this week.

Food is Love,


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed the ChefWidow blog. I feel the same way about kids, although I'm not pregnant. But I hope, as you do, when I choose to have them, that I'll remain my own person and not feel like I'm missing out. I am 29 and have had a ton of great life experiences. Did the partying thing, traveling, etc., and now am settling down with the man I love. Life is bound to change. And isn't that wonderful?
Laura, Reno

DCW Jes said...

hey hey! i thought that was you! funny stuff tho. oh...and our countdown to 10-4 is almost over! ONE MORE DAY HUN! you can do it!