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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Chef is Back

Finally!! Erik came home last Sunday and I've been just elated ever since. We went to dinner at Locanda Verde and it was amazing. There is nothing like my Sunday dinners with Erik. The first thing he said when I picked him up at the airport..."you're huge!" Some people thought that was insulting, but I couldn't be more pleased with the compliment. I'm 16 weeks and I felt the baby moving last night! Erik was excited too, but he was also half asleep. Hopefully baby Battes will do an encore performance soon.

While Erik was away it seems he really got into the groove of his new job. I get the impression that he has more value there as an employee than before. And his new company has a PR firm, Bullfrog and Baum (one of the best) that sets Erik up with all sorts of promo events. I don't know how other chefs feel about promotions. And actually I don't really know Erik feels since he hasn't done that many. On Monday, he'll be cooking with other restaurants at and Autism Speaks event in the financial district. On the 18th he'll be signing Battman's new book: Small Things Savory, at The Great Gathering of Chefs. He'll sign next to the mozzarella he made way back when at Perry St. That may be slightly weird since he's not representing Perry St anymore, but I think it will be fun and Battman even said I can come! I love these events. I hope to bump into my promo event buddy Wylie Dufresne; he is probably the nicest chef I've ever met. Oh, and Erik is taking a class from the Gohan Society: Mastering Fish the Japanese Way.

There is so much going on but it all feels right. I'm so glad to have my chef back.

Food is Love,

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Mom101 said...

Just found your blog through a rather circuitous route and so happy I did - I've got a sigOth at the FCI right now who did an apprenticeship at Locanda Verde and zomg that goat cheese? I dream about it.

Huge congrats on the 16 week mark and those first crazy fluttery kicks. The adventure only gets more exciting from here.

Liz, Brooklyn