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Monday, February 23, 2009

Pineapple Jerky

I was skeptical when I was recently approached by Jerky.com to write a piece about their product. I don't want to give free advertisement for just a random product. They asked me what product I was interested in trying. Mind you they have everything from buffalo to elk, and even things like ostrich and bacon jerky. All of their products are high quality, gourmet jerky if you will, so when I saw pineapple jerky and pictured a pineapple flavored meat product of some kind.

Well, it finally arrived, and pineapple jerky is NOT meat at all - it's dried pineapple! How is that jerky?! I felt tricked into forfeiting my one shot at free jerky and they send me DRIED FRUIT! I could have had BACON JERKY(!) and you send me dried fruit!

I proceeded to complain to Erik when he came home, and then realized I hadn't even tried it. I've had dried pineapple before, and I honestly don't care for it. I avoid it in the trail mix bag - generally going for the nuts and more interesting dried fruit, and I certainly never seek it out on its own.

After a couple of hours of purposefully ignoring it sitting on the table while it quietly taunted me, I decided to try it. I never thought I would say this about dried fruit, but it is AMAZING. They are ultra-thin and dry slices of pineapple, core and all, and have the texture of chewy fruit leather with a subtle whisper of honey. I could eat them all day long.

It was like I was in a spy movie, where I just realized that the side I was working for was actually the bad guys. Everything I ever thought about jerky has been a lie!

Long live pineapple jerky! May your chewy, tart flesh dehydrate the way into the hearts of the world.  

For more gourmet fruit jerky as well as a wide selection of U.S. made beef jerky and snacks, visit Jerky.com.



Anonymous said...

Looks good! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You should have Erik eat some.
Paul, Queensland, Australia.