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Friday, July 27, 2007

Wii Chef!

Once again, bringing you all things chef, I now present: Cooking Mama Cook Off. Nintendo Wii educates us gamers in a new, nearly unscathed world of chefdome. At isn't it time after all? What is a chef but a video gamer deep down? Privately wishing he was a secret agent or pro video game tester. I can't speak for all chefs of course but I know 3 from one restaurant alone that all have a Wii.
So-after spending $117 to purchase the game, second controller, and the other do-dad that goes with the controller-we cooked! I have to say, being married to a chef/gamer I have played my share of games, on all the latest systems, but Wii is certainly the most interactive, the most violent. After some shoving, name calling and a bit of crying I figured out how to play the game and away we went.
2 player is fun, going head to head against my pro-chef-husband and kicking his ass occasionally. (I'm especially good at grinding meet and chopping veg) And the single player mode allows you to gain access to new recipes and friends. And who may I ask does not need a few more imaginary friends ?? Not me, I say, not me.
This counts as quality time, right?

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