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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

¡Viva Hells Kitchen!

Hells Kitchen is a chef contestant show where the cooks are forced to be ridiculed as they scramble through a mock-dinner service in a studio in LA. Unlike Top Chef, in Hells Kitchen there really aren’t any moments of creativity or imagination. But rather the cooks fight til the death in a men versus women battle to determine a leader of each team. This past week was most entertaining. Not only did Chef Gordon Ramsay say “F*** me senseless”…’don’t mind if I do’ but the cooks could not identify the simplest of foods in a blind taste test. According to them it’s very hard to identify foods with loud music playing in your ears while being blindfolded-but come on, boiled carrot! Who cannot identify a boiled carrot? At least don’t guess and say it tastes like a radish, or worse: papaya!

For your pleasure and entertainment I have included a list of the items guessed wrong and what they were thought to be.
Brace yourself ladies:
American Cheese…thought to be cheddar cheese (ok, not that bad)
Boiled Egg Yolk...though to be potato
Venison...thought to be chicken, turkey, or steak
Lobster…thought to be langoustine or scallop
Bok Choy…thought to be a radish
Pear…thought to be a mango by Josh. Rock wonders: “I know Josh had a pear before?”
Seared Tuna…thought to be Pancetta

To further keep you smiling and crying I have included some memorable quotes from this episode:
Vinny says as he is shown walking in slowmo off the show just before his 8 by 10 picture is burned: “I can’t do what he [GR] does. He’s got years of experience on me. He knows what oysters and caviar taste like from Japan. He knows what spices from India are like” ….you mean like Saffron….Saffron? C’mon, I know this guy has used saffron, right?

Rock says about the other cooks as the show comes to an end: “None of them are a threat to Rock. The only threat to Rock is Rock.” I’m not sure what that means, but I love it! I’m definitely pulling for Rock.


Chef's Widow said...

Serious... my 2 year old could tell me what boiled carrot taste like. I personally think they are all actors on HK now.

Hilary Battes said...

RIGHT??? A boiled carrot?!? It's not like it was south african tomato weeds!