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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top Chef Season 3

Top Chef is back for its third season in Miami and Bravo TV has picked a colorful cast of 'cheftestants'. (their word-not mine) One moment in the first episode had me rolling on the floor (if I could roll had I not recently been given a botched Brazilian). Joey is 29 from NYC and is the executive chef at Cafe Des Artistes. Someone announces in the kitchen that there are only 10 minutes left and then I hear it. After feeling obviously pumped up with cheftosterone (now THAT was my word) Joey said, "Ah, sh*t. You know this is when sh*t hits the fan. This is Saturday night, rock and roll, New York City. This is when people start figuring it out, 'I'm not going to f*cking make it'".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "...Saturday night?...rock and roll??...NEW YORK CITY???" Look, I love New York, I love the food here, but all that machismo nonsense is just as good as week-old milk. Now I turn and see my chef also laughing-harder than me actually. Then he stops pauses the show (gotta love DVR) and says to me, "Oh, you don't know why I'm laughing, do you?"

"Yeah, I do" I replied. "This guy is great! Totally like all the rest of you....chefs"

"Nope" he says. "Joey has worked at some of the same places as I have worked, trained under the same guy. I'm laughing because Joey learned that from working for ***, we all say it to pump the line up."

Pump the line up? Is he for real right now? I'm throwing him a look of complete disbelief. I guess I assumed they spoke this way, but I was hit hard with the reality of it. This is worse than I thought. That 'I work in New York City-4 star-Michelin rated-Bruni loved-hot spot-seen on tv-eater/grub street approved-tasting menu- PPX' attitude is starting to get on my nerves.

But really, what would I do without it?

On a side note, I have to give snaps to Lia. Works for the same guy, yet no machismo attitude (seen thus far). But maybe its because she's a chick.

See for yourself: Wednesday nights 10pm.




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