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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pray For My Mom

***UPDATE*** AS of today, 6/21/13, my mother came home from the hospital. She was there for 66 days, 21 of them being in the ICU. She is walking, talking, texting, and off the ventilator. Being home is a great thing, we never thought that would even happen. We didn't even know if she would make it through the first night. But home is scary too, the nurses aren't there 24 hours a day and I'm sure my mom will try to do way to much. This time tomorrow I'll be at her house and once again seeing the amazing work of God.

This is my beautiful mother.

My mom, Camar and my son just one month before being admitted to the hospital

She is 53 years young and diagnosed with Stage 4 LMS Cancer about 16 months ago. Due to complications she had this March/April, she was admitted to the hospital. After she stopped breathing, she went into cardiac arrest. Everything went down hill from there. As of today she is still in the ICU, now with a tracheotomy, dialysis, and other complications. She is smiling now and gaining responsiveness everyday . I have no idea what the future holds, but my faith in God and Christ is the biggest comfort I could ever ask for.


I debated with myself for a couple weeks now about writing this on my blog. I've worked very hard over the past years to make sure this blog is about one thing and one thing only: supporting wives who are connected to chefs. I avoid talking about my son or my job, but I'm making an exception.

This blog is about one more thing: supporting women. Period. And I'm in need of support this time. I need prayers and good thoughts. I need comfort.

July 2012, My mom, sisters, and step-dad
 Food is Love,


Jasmin said...

I wish your mum all the best, that she will be back on track soon and loads of strength for her and you! - Jasmin / UK

Hilary said...

Gosh 53 is sooo young (I'm 57). I found your blog when looking about chefs wearing wedding bands. My son-in-law is a chef so I have told my daughter about your blog as I am sure she will relate to your posts.

Your Mum looks really beautiful and that is a great photo. Whatever the outcome, and I hope she can get better, she lives in you and your son. Hugs from across the water.
HM Aberdeen, Scotland.

Annie Wang said...

Best wishes for your mom <3 I'm here to support you!

Hilary Battes said...

Thank you so much, Ladies. Your kind words do make me feel better.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you during this very difficult time. I just found your blog today, after searching the internet for some elightenment to deal with the frustrations involved in dating a chef. My boyfriend and I are not in the best place right now, as I struggle getting used to the lifestyle. Yesterday I was feeling a bit hopeless about our prospects, but finding this blog has given me new hope, I have soften a bit in my position (although he does not know that yet). I hope that these words offer you hope as well: I know that things seem bleak, but life is a process and this is part of your moms, and as a function, your family's process. All the best to you and yours.