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Friday, January 4, 2013

Erik Dreams of Danny Meyer

The past few nights I've been having some freaky intense dreams. People I barely knew in high school at my grandmother's house, helping my son go potty. Strange to say the least. But the other night I had a cornucopia of weirdness and I had to tell Erik. My dream went something like this...

...teaching at a new school...not sure of subjects...or grades...walking through a grassy, willie-wonka type of field...some dead decaying cats...some living cats, but inside plastic bags...checking a deadbolt for a killer out to get me...killer is mad because Erik insulted his son's girlfriend...living in a dorm...more cats in bags...

After explaining all of this to Erik, he responds with, "I dreamt about Danny Meyer"

Of course you did. Of course, Chef.

Food is Love,


Kerilyn said...

Ha ha! Of course he did!!!

Thanks for the laugh.

I too, have been having some weird dreams as well. I RARELY (and I mean rarely) remember my dreams and I've been remembering them a few nights in a row.


diana l said...

Ryan has kitchen dreams and he delegates tasks in his sleep like: "That has to go in the walk-in" or "You need to add more vodka." Last week he woke with a start and I asked him what was wrong and he said to me: "I was just dreaming the floor in the kitchen was really slippery!" And went back to sleep.