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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Gift of Time

"Every weekend is so precious to us"- Erik's sincerity makes my heart ache.

We often focus on the things in our life that make us angry. The difficulties, the drama, the struggles. We spend our energy complaining about the lonely nights, lack of support, and the insane restaurant life that rubs off on our chefs. But at the end of the day, we have to make a choice about what we focus on. (Remind me of this when I'm down in the dumps)

Although Erik and I rarely get to spend time together, this lifestyle is truly all we know. The time we have is a rare gem in a mine of dirty coal. I want to spend more effort appreciating the time we have. It may be one day a week, even less on occasion, but it's our life. Erik and I are given the opportunity to relish our time together because it happens so sporadically. I think if he had a 9-5 schedule I wouldn't savor the moments we share. He wouldn't get up early so he could drop Maverik off at school. I wouldn't stay up late just to catch a few minutes with him. We wouldn't be us.

15 years ago I sat on a school bus in a band uniform accepting the beginning of something amazing. I would never have imagined the ride would be this spectacular.

Happy Anniversary, Erik

Food is Love (and today I feel full),

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Kerilyn said...

Happy Anniversary Hilary and Erik! Hope you were able to do something together! Cheers to another 15 more!