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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Winner Wins My Husband! Sort of.

I have a culinary guilty pleasure that I'm not above admitting. Yes, I watch Hell's Kitchen. I know that it's the trailer park version of Top Chef, but I just can't help it. Where else can you see a completely irate chef smashing cod and calling hopeless chefs donkeys? It's absolutely ridiculous but I can't help myself. And this season has proved especially intriguing because the winner receives a one year contract with BLT Steak in NYC. Yep- the winner will be working with my husband. I'm not sure yet if the prized chef will take the job and money, or just the job. It was definitely cool seeing BLT in all of the episodes and I'm glad the company was able to get so much press. BLT already has one ex-reality star working for them. Cliff from Top Chef season 2 will actually be the chef above our Hell's Kitchen alum. Interesting class of the boob tube stars.

Erik watched with me occasionally but for the most part the last thing he wants to do after working 13 hours in a kitchen is watch other people working in a kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen season 9 recently wrapped and the winner is....THIS GUY.

Paul Niedermann from Davie, FL
Looks friendly, right? 

he wasn't my first pick- I like Will from Jersey City, NJ but you never can tell with 'reality' TV. 

Food is Love, 

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This Culinary Wife said...

The Chef of a restaurant I used to work at won Top Chef Canada this year - it was really cool for me, knowing that the guy on tv is exactly the same as the guy in person. And definitely kinda cool to have that personal connection to one of those chef shows...knowing that they're real people in real kitchens. You'll have to let us know how he works out...

I'm surprised (and a little jealous) that you're chef doesn't watch cooking shows.. is it all cooking shows, or just that one? Mine has the Food Network on at all times, and has probably seen every episode of every show on there right now... gosh, that sounds ridiculous!